Non Profit & Membership Associations

Retriever Payment Systems solutions for donor and member payments are focused on helping your bottom line. They are built for the unique needs of non-face-to-face transactions (phone, mail, and digital) and are designed to make every dollar count.

Retriever Payment Systems Solutions for Non Profit and Membership Associations will help you:

  • Manage interchange and avoid costly MCC/SIC misclassifications with our built-in functionality that automatically monitors, benchmarks, and optimizes fees.
  • Prevent payment breakage with Recovery, which combines account updating and authorization recycling to recover initially declined donations and dues payments.
  • Uncover valuable customer data in every transaction, such as affluence or prepaid indicators, to help you build a stronger foundation for business decisions focused on maximizing revenue and minimizing breakage.
  • Streamline your recurring billing program with Recurring Engine, allowing you to test different scenarios and facilitate targeted donor and member campaigns.

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