POS Terminal Retirement Timeline


Created is a “POS Terminal Retirement Timeline” to help keep you informed of hardware retirement dates. Click the image above to get a copy of the retirement timeline and a current version of the terminal matrix.

Hardware End of Life 

The hardware types listed on the retirement timeline are no longer manufactured or compliant and can no longer be boarded effective the date listed on the retirement timeline. We will continue to provide very limited support for these retired terminals. This support will include general troubleshooting, as well as making updates via partial downloads only. If a merchant terminal fails or if it requires a full download, the merchant will be required to upgrade to a compliant device.

Software End of Life 

Retired are certain types of software applications that are no longer compliant and could not be used as of May 1, 2013.

1. Terminal Reprograms/Downloads – This applies to new and existing merchants. A new merchant will need to choose a compliant application. If there is no compliant application available for the terminal the merchant is using, the merchant will be required to change hardware. For the near future, we can allow existing merchants that require a change to their current application to remain on that application for a period of time. We will be phasing in a freeze on these downloads to make sure that all existing merchants reach the mandatory compliance standards, thereby allowing you to upgrade to compliant applications over time.

2. Swaps – If a merchant has a compliant terminal, it will be upgraded to a compliant application. If the hardware is not compliant, the merchant will need to upgrade to a compliant payment device.

In Summary 

Every merchant must be familiar and comply with all card brand and industry standards, including laws, rules and regulations that govern its business and the protection of customer cardholder information. As part of our service commitment, we strive to keep you informed of changes in these standards that may affect the merchant. This is a reminder of this requirement and we will provide you with support to help you assist the merchants in their efforts to comply.  Thank you.